Thursday, February 25, 2010

Windy with Love

I haven't blogged in a long long time. Probably because I don't write when I'm discouraged, but lately being unemployed my heart is strangely lifted. I am really enjoying my time with the girls at home and in Palm Springs. I've been trying to use this time for something good. Allowing the Spirit to transform and renew my mind is a full time job, and the pay is off the charts.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

God...Bigger then the Bible.

Do you ever get annoyed with people or denominations that talk and act like they have God figured out? Maybe they read the bible and know its ins and outs thus they know all God's secrets! Errrr! The following claims, thoughts, actions, etc etc drive me nutz: Understanding the Holy Trinity...Perfectly. (realllllly) Let me write a bunch of books on the book of Revelation because I get it and you don't....(huhhhhh) For reasons of not wanting this to sound overly negative I'll let you fill in the blanks, and I hope you get the point.

God created the earth in 6 and rested on the seventh. He has been intimately involved with mankind since Adam was in the garden. God was moved by his great love to rescue us from our own sin, so he decided to give himself up as a sacrifice so that we might be able to have a relationship with him. (WOW) Even the 12 dudes that he handpicked to hangout with him for his last days thought he was a mystery! And he told them what he was doing, how it was going to happen, when it was going to happen and so on. Mystery? What I hope you are reading is that Jesus was mysterious and God still is mysterious. Hopefully you can take comfort in knowing that God is control of all things, even if he works through a little bit of mystery. This is good for us because we (the created) can't grasp the greatness of his knowledge.

Continuing on! Not all things are a mystery! We got the Bible to teach us (with the help of trinity member "Holy Spirit") all we NEED to know about God and our faith. Pay attention to the bold word NEED. If God wanted us to unequivocally know something.....He would have made sure that it made it in the Bible. (Yes He is that Good) With that said...The Bible must be enough. Reading between the lines and or deciphering cryptic portions of scripture might be fun, but impossible to prove and always leads to some sort of break down.

Bottom-line: God is bigger then the words in the Bible. He can't be explained or fathomed on a human level. The Bible tells us that GOD is for us...have faith that all the destruction in the world is under is watchful eye. GOD is mysterious and this is for our own good. Most of us can't even handle our own emotional lives. How messed up would we be trying to juggle GOD's master plan??? I remember one line from an old song that fits in with this topic: something something something....God's mysterious and wonderful ways!

take care and let the mystery of God wash over you!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Luc has a new painful hobbie!

Monday, May 26, 2008

"I will beat THIS or die trying!"

Why does it take something like cancer or an extremely freaky event to bring out the killer attitude we should all live with daily? "My cholestral is high...I should go on a diet and exercise!!", said the person that hasn't worked out or eaten healthy food for five years. Was it a surprise your heart was pumping cement through your body?? Did you wonder why your clothes were way too small?? Did you really think that you might escape the grim reality of using tobacco products?? Are there any scientific benefits to drinking hard A and getting tossed with your buddies?? Unless a fast and tragic or slow and painful death are benefits then..."NO!"

Whats is the point Lu? Life is fragile. Life is living. You only get one so why not live like you have cancer and could die at any moment. Succeed with your dreams and goals. Love people. Cherish the time you have with family and stop trying to stuff your drawers (bank accounts, garage, closets, etc.) with possessions that won't follow you to heaven or hell (those things do not matter)...make a difference with your life! Be smart, you still have responsibilities, but live the best life you can, and die trying!

Things I'm gonna do...
1.take scuba lessons
2.learn the finer art of sailing
3.take it easy at work; while trying to do the best I can
4.start a yoga regime with my wife that will add more years to my life
5. wear my seat belt on short drives
6.have a constant conversation with my Maker
7.have coffee with Bono an unselfish loving and caring father and husband

Lace up your Nike. Eat more veggies. Pray to God constantly. Look to the sky and enjoy were and what you do.

much love,


Monday, April 14, 2008

sakura and crappy beer

I miss Japan. Its been about a year and ahalf and I have forgotten all about the idiots that hired us and made our stay in Japan painful. All the "good times" memories have floated to the surface and now have settled on the brain. Its funny how time has a way of washing away the nasty memories and painful experiences that we share. It was only a year ago I was working at a dead end job that I hated. Now...Currently...My life is much better.

My job is pretty sweet! Life is much more interesting when you are learning...and that is exactly what I am doing working for Interstyle Clay. If you have any questions then leave a comment and I will respond...

Headaches are getting better!
Still no Mini Cooper in my drive way!
Maddie is sleeping through the night...sort of!
I am reading "Practice the Presence of God" by Brother Lawrence. (3rd time...its a must read)
Hi Matt Roth! (He told me he was gonna read this)

So to end this mish mashed blog...I do miss drinking beer with my boys in Japan, and the cherry blossoms are one of the most beautiful things to see. SHOUT out to me if you know of a mini cooper for sale or if you know how to kill chronic migraines. I don't think Christ will be returning this month, but it would be a good idea to live as if he was....cause you never know!

Monday, March 10, 2008

three things I wish I had...

**1. pray with bono.
I know Bono is busy, but I really do wish we could walk around Jerusalem and pray for peace then go to a nice pub and share a few beers together. It kinda sounds like a man date...

1. no more migraine headaches.
I have had headaches for about two months now and they suck. I can't exercise like I want to or do much of the things I like to do. My life is on hold, but I still love God and am thankful for his plan pertaining to my little world. (if you are reading this...stop and pray for my head...thanks and amen)

2. a vacation.
My face is getting white and I miss the warm sun. I am beginning to wish I lived in a desert with warm sand on my feet and the blue sky above my head. If Hawaii was an option I would probably go...

3. verizon voyager. (click on the pretty blue font to learn more)
I love technology, but it can be so expensive.

4. mini cooper.
This could have been a possibility, but the estate taxes were graciously taken from the little people. Anyways...they look cool and are fuel efficient...I think!

5. 8 hours of straight sleep
Maddie eats mommy num nums at 5am. She also wakes up when she rolls to her back or into the side of her crib. I think this might be a reason for having a headache, but she is fun to snuggle at night...

I know that is more then three, but this is my blog...give me some feedback on what you think your top three wishes might be...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finger Pointing...One at you...Four at me...

Its actually three fingers pointing back at yourself when you point your finger at something. The thumb doesn't bend in a way that would allow it to direct back at oneself, unless you were double jointed or pointing it at the sky or somebody very tall. In that case you would only have one thumb pointing back at yourself and three at the ground or at your feet depending on the size of your feet.
Lets me make things more clear. In response to my wife thinking I am directing to much energy towards certain people in the last blog, I would like to clarify a few obvious points. My blogging is inspired by things in my life that engage me. There is no telling what will inspire me to blog and or what it will be about. The last blog was in response to some deep dark emotion I have for some fellow dudes of mine. My goal was to point out the obvious in hopes that it would generate some sort of healing process. I am not trying to blame, belittle, mock, or do any other less genuine act. Simply put...this is what is wrong...this is how I see it can damage you...get on the track of healing so you can enjoy life to its fullest. If I didn't really care I wouldn't have hope, pray, or think about it so much.

To make things fair in this grossly unfair world, I will now break my thumb so all four extra appendages are pointing back at me...ouch!

  • I don't have a job
  • I am out of shape and have a little "Krispy Kreme" belly
  • I've been trying to finish my degree for three years
  • My savings is low
  • My van is a piece of shit
  • I sometimes like other peoples approval...aka my wife...she still doesn't approve of this..
  • I poked my daughter in the eye this morning
  • I sometimes drink more then I should
  • I sometimes chew tobacco and the 28 carcinogenic properties it holds
  • I spent nearly 6 months being angry at somebody that didn't come through with a promise
  • My grass isn't a very good color of green
  • I don't own a lawn mower
  • I am a little edgy and can be angry too, about dumb things
  • I'm writing this blog instead of working and making some money
  • ....the list can go on forever!
That is just the short list. I'm not an idiot to think I have it all together and everybody around me is failing at life and the challenges it brings. I get by because I have faith in Christ, Hope for what HE is doing in my life, and I use all the Grace HE offers. Sure I am rough around the edges, but after my internal ranting I generally try and love everybody.

Now with that said it still doesn't change the fact that many things we do hurt those around us. And in the process our life is being shortened by months and years. I feel its better to look at my life now and make changes that will possible allow me to live longer and happier then to wait till its too late. Make the changes you can now, suffer through the toughness of your choices and enjoy the fruits of your labor. There is nothing more rewarding then looking back at all the small little victories you made and realizing you won the battle. blah..blah..blah